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May 5, 2013 11:00pm PDT
coalition has claimed victory in the general election, extending its 56-year rule. the opposition is saying the vote is rated. >> the election coalition is complicit in the crime. election without any access to the media or the opposition. >> syria condemns a legend israeli attacks on damascus. the sound that could save the life of a human rights activist in dangerous places in the world. there have been running battles -- thebangladesh late bangladesh capital of doc up. protesters want the death penalty for those who insult islam and the prophet mohammed. they ignored a government issue for protesters to leave dhaka by sunday. >> with parts of the city in ruins, protesters continue to fight. surrounded by the flames of the day's classes, which, after hours of battle, still burn. ofdreds of thousands demonstrators have taken to the streets. bullets, theybber refused to back down. setting fire to cars and buildings. of doc ahe streets into a battleground. -- of dhaka into a battleground. they were answering calls by demanding new blasphemy laws and saying that blasphemers should be tried und
May 4, 2013 7:00am PDT
that of next week's election. wild fires across california threaten more than 4000 homes. new tourist groups that could upset chinese neighbors. ♪ ♪ syrian opposition groups say thousands of people are fleeing the coastal city after two days of killing. activists and pro-government forces are carrying an indiscriminate attacks in the area. they say more than 70 people have been killed in the neighboring village. our correspondent joins us live from antakya and neighboring turkey. governments innbanya troops supported by militia attacked banyans for the third day after raiding a village after people in the district. people there posted horrifying videos showing bodies lying in pools of blood, families indiscriminately killed by security forces. you see a video and images of children, women, and the elderly and some of them were stabbed, some of them were gunned down according to activists in the city of banya. thousands fled the area but people there that we have been talking to since early morning are saying the problem is it will be difficult for families to get away from there. there a
May 5, 2013 4:00pm PDT
be brutal. >> the malaysian ruling national front coalition has secured victory in the elections, extending their 50-year-rule. the opposition, led by anwar ibrahim sites of regulations in the election process and they say they may contest these votes. hasruling barison nasional 127 seats, the opposition, pakatan rakyat has 107. this means the national front has the 112-seat threshold to win a majority in the 222-seat parliament. we are live in kuala lumpur with more. >> we know that we're at the ruling coalition headquarters, a victory day, a victory celebration -- mainly because they got that, they went above the 212 votes that they needed, but it was not as close as they would have hoped. the prime minister expected to regain his two-thirds majority in the parliament, but they don't appear to be able to get in this. what is interesting about this election, is we saw these huge numbers, and we sought 10 million people, out of 13.3 million eligible voters, the biggest turnout ever for a general lection, so the people of malaysia saw that this was an important election, so moving forward th
May 4, 2013 9:30pm PDT
's a special election. so those automatically go to the special election. in county 3, it's the body below council position where an office shall be appointed by the mayor with approval of the council. the mayor gets to nominate and says this is who i would like but the council gets the final say in we approve or don't approve. >> it's not like a choice where the mayor, the individual nominates two or three people and the body chooses between them? >> the charter doesn't get to that depth or level. if you wanted to, i can definitely do research into that. but i don't see that in the charter. looks like they just nominate and it's not in the charter itself. at least what we looked up. >> okay. >> any other questions on the point by individual? and appointed by body would be how the mayor's office gets appointed. the board of supervisors meets together and have a discussion and they put together a proposal and vote on the winner and the places are for rules where how that works and there is 26 different offices in 23 different jurisdictions and you can see what those are. a lot of them tend
May 2, 2013 3:00pm PDT
these republicans have come. now we're even hearing some elected republicans claiming that voters want to take up arms against the government in some sort of revolution. >> they are going to have to use these guns because of our own government. now, is there anything in washington that says any telltale signs that maybe we might be headed for a revolution? did you ever think that these kinds of things are going on? >> a revolution? i think it's a revolution against commonsense. the gop agenda isn't about helping the country. it's about passing good laws. it's about one thing. it's stopping president obama. that's all they are about. remember what that republican senator said about background checks? "there were some on my side who did not want to be seen helping the president do something he wanted to get done, just because the president wanted to do it. that's no way to govern and the american people are not going to stand for it. joining me now is jim mcdermott, democrat from washington and executive editor of thank you both for being here. >> thanks, reverend. >> good to be here. >>
May 1, 2013 6:00am PDT
was president. me, i was playing little league baseball. and that was when ed marquee first got elected to congress. >> meanwhile, mark key is out to associate gomez with the old kind of republicans and the tea party. >> now, in less than two months we will decide who has the leadership and the experience to follow john kerry in the united states senate. this a election will not be easy. carl rove, the coke brothers, the super pacs see this election as the first shot of stopping president obama's agenda and gaining control of the united states senate. >> democrats are doing their best to tie gomez to mitt romney, the senate majority pack pushed out this memo. after a toe turnout primary he is bringing the i mitt yom any campaign to general election. for democrats the specter of scott brown's 2010 victory and coakley's disastrous campaign is hovering over this. brown's victory was a perfect storm event, took place at the height of the health care ledge reconciliation working through congress in a back room deal. the unemployment rate was near 10% and they were ignoring brown for most of
May 3, 2013 2:30pm PDT
hold nationwide elections. our coverage starts. >> anguish and karachi today. the election season claims more victims. a father and son live side-by- side. they were sprayed with bullets as they left a mosque. this was a five-year-old who wanted to grow up to be a party worker like his dad. his father was a candidate for the liberal mp, one of three secular parties on a taliban hit list. one of more than 70 killed in election violence this month. his brother told us he predicted his death in a speech four days ago. >> he said, i know they are going to kill me. but you must all stand fast, be determined, and continue our struggle. we joined a candidate who is continuing her struggle, from another party being target, the mqm. >> this time it is very scary. the people are scared. but you can tell that they are happy to see me here. the fear is behind. >> opponents of the taliban have been forced to scale back their campaigns, if they campaigned at all. rallies like this are typical now. they're on a scale -- small- scale in the back streets and on short notice. the candidate does not
May 4, 2013 2:00pm PDT
to go to until pakistani elections. it has been mired by violence. twin bombs killed four people in southern cap -- pakistan. it went off in the offices of the biggest political party. themqm party is one of three liberal secular parties that have been targeted by the taliban head of the election on may 11. let's get the latest now. he joins us now from the scene of those blasts in karachi. i am not at the scene of the blast. it is too dangerous to be there. what happens in these cases as that secondary and surgery -- or jerry blast happened. there was a bomb planted just a street away from the actual headquarters of the mqm. it is the closest the taliban has managed to get to the headquarters of the end un -- mqm. that bomb exploded. most likely tried to enter through the same street. it was at that moment that he detonated a second device. what happens normally is that you would get the bomb squad that would come in. the bomb squad have about a 15 minute response time to something like this. it was half an hour and they still had not arrived at the location. what the mqm are sa
May 1, 2013 7:00pm PDT
election for a state senate seat that no one outside of boston paid any attention to. the woman who made that history will join me later. next, you'll hear from the man whose car was hijacked by the boston bombing suspects. humble . we believe it can be the most valuable real estate on earth. ♪ that's why we designed our newest subaru from the back seat forward. introducing the all-new, completely restyled subaru forester. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. man: how did i get here? dumb luck? or good decisions? ones i've made. ones we've all made. about marriage. children. money. about tomorrow. here's to good decisions. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. ready to plan for your family's future? we'll help you get there. >>> one of the key breaks in the hunt for the boston bombing suspects came after they carjacked a man in cam bridge. he escaped and called the police from a nearby gas station, told them what happened and that his cell phone was still inside the car. tracking that cell phone
May 1, 2013 10:00pm PDT
speed internet. rethink possible. >>> history was made in boston last night in a local election for a state senate seat that no one outside of boston paid any attention to. the woman who made that history will join me later. next, you'll hear from the man whose car was hijacked by the boston bombing suspects. for sein a whole new way. for seeing what cash is coming in and going out... so you can understand every angle of your cash flow- last week, this month, and even next year. for seeing your business's cash flow like never before, introducing cash flow insight powered by pnc cfo. a suite of online tools that lets you turn insight into action. >>> one of the key breaks in the hunt for the boston bombing suspects came after they carjacked a man in cam bridge. he escaped and called the police from a nearby gas station, told them what happened and that his cell phone was still inside the car. tracking that cell phone is what led police to the suspects in watertown. i have exchanged e-mails with that man whose car was hijacked. matt lauer actually got to sit down with him and hear
May 4, 2013 9:00pm PDT
. passes without objection. >> item 2 -- offices between election cycles. >> last month we came to the draft presentation for your input and comment. the one thing we did get and have included in the new package of high level perspective is the top ten cities national. we realized when we were compiling that list that four of them were already in the report, there are are top ten california cities and that categorization. we did add the additional 6 six to the report. you have 3 things in front of you and i have copies for the public. it gives a good written detail and the excel spreadsheet you have gives the detail for each individual jurisdiction for office that's being looked at. i'm going to run through powerpoint and answer any questions that you may have. looks like you have two copies of the powerpoint there. i would go with that one there. >> the goals and objectives was a reminder was to look at how san francisco replaces it's elected officials in mid cycles and comparison to that and how other jurisdictions do that and we added other consolidated city counties and cali
May 2, 2013 1:00am PDT
is election of the new committee. i have problems with what i have gotten on my computer saying that the city will select 12 members to represent -- the residents of our community. i served in my committee since 1968, first and the eeoc board, joint housing. we were all elected by third of residents. i asked that this be rescinded and that the residents have preference and selecting who they want to serve on cac. i also surf the mayor's task force. we have never allowed anyone to come up in our community and dictate to us, when robert kennedy came to our community 1968 , to find out what we wanted in housing he asked the young people in the community , what do we want. we demand a voice in the community; . would not allow city hall or anyone else and dictate to our residents thank you very much and i want to thank london breed for being one of those persons on the redevelopment commission that brought the police station down and sixth street and many other things that she has done as a commissioner and anyone who would run for election or anyone else should participate in the community organi
May 4, 2013 2:30pm PDT
demonstrations. the rally ended without incident. it is election year here in germany. the future of the free democratic party is at stake. after winning 50% of the vote four years ago, -- is now polling only around four percent. not enough to staty. on saturday, they presented themselves as defenders of the middle class and opponents of higher taxes. he came out fighting, taking opposition plans to raise taxes yet again. it is a message that residents of the party faithful gave him a rousing round of applause. , sugar taxes, that is what they want. any relief --we cannot break the middle class with taxes. the promise of no more taxes will a popular, election time. the fiscal conservatives are sticking to principles heading into this year's federal election. polls placed in the 45% margin needed for parliament. the keynote address have the desired effect, rallying the rank and file. he has proved his leadership skills. he showed we are strong and ready. we are ready to start this campaign. the speech was fantastic. he stated what we stand for. we oppose. including, in a maze of freedom, and h
May 6, 2013 5:30am PDT
on the program, the ruling party wins the election, but the opposition contests the results. grouper of a neo-nazi goes on trial for a series of racially motivated murders in germany. gallery, graffiti- style. police in bangladesh have raided the headquarters after hours of fighting with protesters. at least 14 people were killed on sunday. meanwhile, fighting between police and protesters is filling the area outside. , three pictures policemen have died. >> with part of the city in ruins, protesters continued to fight. after hours of battle, the clashes still clear on. pelted with rubber bullets, they refuse to lay down, laying waste to the capital. setting fire to cars and buildings, security forces held little back. demonstrators for answering a call from a fledgling group of hardliners, saying that defenders should be tried under sharia law. >> this protest is to press for the list of demands. in accordance with the crown. we demand punishment for the 80th blockers. >> those he is referring to, those using the media to advocate for a secular society in bangladesh, that is what the governm
May 2, 2013 2:00pm PDT
to the plan. stop people from voting on the democratic side. stop a democratically elected president from doing his elected swrob. is this why people go into politics? is it about doing nothing? is nothing sacred? michael steele was chairman of the republican party back when it made sense. eugene robinson is a pulitzer prize winning columnist from the "washington post." anyway, senator pat toomey co-authored the compromise on background checks. we like him for that. on guns. this week he said the reason it failed had to do with republican opposition to the president. let's listen to the senator from pennsylvania. >> i thought that we had settled on a really common sense approach that ought to be able to achieve a consensus. i think in the end we didn't because our politics have become so polarized. and there are people on my side who didn't want to be perceived to be helping something that the president wants to accomplish. simply because it's the president who wants to accomplish it. >> well, according to the "times herald" toomey tried to clarify the statement in the same meeting. he sa
FOX News
May 5, 2013 12:00pm PDT
turnout in the 2014 election. >> paul: what you are saying and implying, he actually maybe wants failure. that he basically is playing not to accomplish things in this congress but to set up for the next congress to defeated republicans in the election? >> i think you have to wonder if that is not what it is. look what he said out there. when you say you want higher taxes knowing that the republicans said that is never going to happen. you want gun control for proposals that can't pass your own democratic senate, you have to question whether he is actually up to. they seem to be playing the long game. wait it out, get control and do what we want. >> paul: i know you sympathize with kim's view of this but is that why he is lose losing juice? >> he spent the entire first term not being able to agree with republicans on the deficit, the grand bargain and he ran against them and ran against the wealthiest. his first term was a political operation was to get him re-elected because he was pumping these speeches into his base and they voted for him. that is the first term strategy. i don't thin
May 2, 2013 7:00pm PDT
the constitution an important part of his campaign for this summer's upper house elections. political parties are already discussing the pros and cons. the debate may make japanese more familiar and more opinionated about a document that's guided them for more than six decades. junio yotsumoto, nhk world, tokyo. >>> politics is the big topic of discussion in malaysia right now at restaurants, cafes and in homes across the southeast asian nations. voters cast ballots in a general election on sunday. the national front coalition has ruled since independence from britain in 1957. but now the opposition people's alliance is vying for a majority. malaysia is a multi-ethnic nation. the malays make up more than half the population. but they were at an economic disadvantage compared to the second largest ethnic group, the chinese. sense the 1970s, the ruling party has tried to reduce this disparity with a policy called bumiputra. the affirmative action was popular with malays and kept the national front coalition in power for more than half a century. malaysians have seen their gdp grow five-fold ove
May 8, 2013 2:30pm PDT
parties are calling for in their campaign for elections coming up this fall. well, even in a wealthy country like germany, a full-time job does not always guarantee a wage you can live on. that has been made clear by new figures out this wednesday, which showed that hundreds of thousands of germans depend on welfare payments to help compensate for low earnings. >> the opposition says the solution is obvious -- a national minimum wage. it is a big issue ahead of elections this september. we take a look at a typical worker whose wages are not enough to make ends meet. >> he worked night shift as a security guard. he is full time and only earns 6.65 euros an hour, a wage solo he is entitled to an income boost from the state. >> i can live from it, but it is not a life worth living because i'm no longer part of society. >> his wife works in a job which pays 400 euros a month, but despite subsidies, the couple still cannot afford simple things like some of visits or eating out. some 323,000 families in germany to see benefits of the they go out to work. that is an increase of 20,000 in th
May 5, 2013 5:30am PDT
. dakkar, and vote counting in malaysia in the closely contested election. syria has blamed israel for missile attacks and have appeared to hit three military locations overnight. we're reporting from neighboring turkey. quad's an overnight attack on the outskirts of the syrian capital. theeur video capturing explosions in the mountains. militaryse important installations thought crucial to the syrian program. the blasts were caused by an israeli rockets targeting the military center which western officials have in the past suggested is also involved in chemical weapons. it is the second such attack on the same location this year. damascus describes the explosions. >> the ground was shaking. the roof started to shake. after that, we heard a few bombs and a big blast. the falling glass around us. sunday's attack following a different air strike and israeli officials say they targeted a shipment of missiles bound for hezbollah in lebanon. although they would not confirm the incident, he supported israel's right to protect their interests. >> what i have said in the past and i continu
May 5, 2013 5:00am PDT
. whether, in other words, obama's voters begin treating every election like it's 2008 or 2012. there are two new reports that offer a revealing glimpse into whether that coalition will be the change they've waited for. one study conducted by a demographer at the brookings institution found that despite widespread republican-led efforts to suppress their turnout, african-american voters last fall participated at a greater rate than white voters for the first time in history. their mobilization and that of other non-white con stin wencys proved decisive in his re-election. if white and black voters had voted in the same proportion last year that they did in 2004, we would actually have president romney today. another study found that young people, another crucial part of the obama coalition, are as distrustful of the political system as they've ever been. while a slight majority under 30 say they approve of the job obama is doing, just 39% say they trust him to do the right thing, down from 44% in 2010. and just 18% of young people say they trust congress, again, that's down fro
May 6, 2013 4:00am EDT
, that is very unlikely into a german election and into a political environment where any sort of austerity or plain talking about the future is impossible. i think both politicians are down to taking it almost day by day if not day by day, then week by week and that is the worst thing you can give for the small and medium sized enterprises, for the business as a whole. it's ironic that the business owners in their pension funds are buying a lot of stocks. but as business owners, they're not investing into their own business. i think they need to change back. >> it's still amazing for me to see how much of a recovery we've seen stateside in equities. we're not quite there in europe yet despite the fact that the data continues to be so weak. i just wonder how long is this discrepancy going to continue? is it going to continue throughout the rest of the year or are we going to wake up one day and say we need to show that in how we're trading the various asset classes? >> i think it's, of course, overtime. so either the economy will improve or the stock market will have to come down. i agree w
Apr 30, 2013 6:00pm PDT
states, the united states will not mind. we just elect to not do it anymore. a future president might feel differently. it will be his or her prerogative to choose that or not as they see fit. presidential power, we like to think of it as a rubber band that can expand and contract depending on our politics but it more like an aged rubber band. it's old. it stretches but does not always stretch back. congress authorized the president after 9/11 to use military force anywhere in the world as he saw fit to retaliate against the people who attacked us on 9/11. not only is it 12 years later and that is still in effect but there's noise in washington that they want to make that authorization permanent. the u.s. president will have permanent authority forever to use military force however he or she sees fit forever thanks to 9/11 no matter how many decades we get into the future. we're living in an era of radically expanded executive power and yet there's president obama today exasperated, talking about how his hands are tied hereby can do nothing. it is a national security matter on which h
May 6, 2013 12:00pm EDT
and the election of mohamed morsi. you're watching live coverage here on c-span2. >> and we have with us a very exciting group of speakers from egypt, very pleased to welcome them. we're also being recorded with, by c-span. welcome to the viewers. can you, please, mute your cell phones and for the panelists, turn them off. okay. excellent. so to my immediate right is amhed maher, chief coordinator of the april 6th youth movement which stresses nonviolent and collective actions. the april 6th movement is quite well known for egypt's followers. they were active in mobilizing workers and citizens leading up to and during the january 2011 revolution. amhed was nominated for a nobel peace prize for his pioneering activities in community mobilization. and he continues to play an important role in egypt's political scene promoting democratic principles and social and economic inclusion through his movement. jawad nabulsi is a leading activist in egypt, was also very present on the scene in january 2011's activities, uprising. do we call it a revolution? i'm not sure. >> [inaudible] [laughter] he is co
May 3, 2013 6:30pm PDT
this general election scheduled for may 11. we have this assassination today in islamabad. do you foresee more violence as the election gets closer? >> well, i think pakistan has seen considerable violence. basically, the two murders today underlined our research. with 2470 people killed since january, which is also raising the specter of more violence in the run-up to the elections, it is being speculated a bloody election for pakistan. van at a bloody election. it definitely looks like it will be that way. as always, thank you very much. reporting the story -- that is the most important duty of a journalist, but many of our colleagues, as you see with that story, this can sometimes lose their lives trying to get the truth. >> today on world press freedom day, we look at a new report by reporters without borders, a list of where journalists are most in danger. >> we begin with the bitter harvest from the arab spring. >> egypt's moslem brotherhood is one of the newest additions to the list. reporters without borders and accuses the islamist under president morsi of stocking state media. it say
May 1, 2013 6:00am PDT
>>> politicians in malaysia are nearing the end of their campaigns ahead of an election on sunday. the latest polls suggest the opposition is threatening to break the ruling coalition's 56-year lock on power. >>> china's ambassador to the united states says look who's talking. he says japan is the one raising tensions over a territorial dispute in the east china sea. >>> and the operator of the damaged nuclear plant in fukushima tries to change its corporate culture. we sit down with one of the foreign experts advising tokyo electric power company. >>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." the international olympic committee is telling tokyo's governor to respect his rivals in the bid for the 2020 olympics but the ioc says it won't hand down a penalty after ino made remarks critical of istanbul. inose is the chair of tokyo's bid committee. "the new york times" quoted him as saying the only thing islamic countries share is allah and they are fighting with each other. the governor apologized. ioc protocol bans representatives of candidate cities from commenting on others vying to host th
May 2, 2013 5:30am PDT
later. >> a member of bahrain's will from has been elected president of the asian football confederation. he beat rivals from thailand and the united arab emirates. he was elected despite criticism of bahrain's crackdown on opposition protesters and claims bahrainis footballers had been persecuted. >> somebody talks about government. i don't think this belongs in football. we are football people. if anybody has proof from the bahrain football association has violated the statutes of fifa, let them present that. next question. >> turkish health officials are going to start testing syrian refugees seeking medical treatment for exposure to chemical weapons. many arriving and hospitals in recent days have been suffering from breathing problems. >> when wounded people arrived at the crossing, there were suffering from suffocation and breathing difficulties. there were vomiting and large tears were in their eyes. these are symptoms of chemical gas. turkey is increasingly worried that the civil war in syria might spill over the border. now our correspondent explains how turkey is dealing with t
May 8, 2013 5:30am PDT
is -- in pakistan's general election has suspended his campaign for one day out of her space -- out of respect for his rival, imran khan, who is recovering from a fall. >> pakistan's rising political star imran khan fell off the campaign trail. he was at an election rally when he was using a forklift as an improvised elevator. with no ambulances and no medical crews on standby, his supporters carried him to the hospital. the news spread quickly. for a few hours, pakistanis prepared themselves for the worst. but it was not long before he addressed his supporters again, this time from his hospital bed. >> for the last 17 years of my life, i have done everything that i can. now i want you to take on your share of responsibility. dodd has given me so much. it was my duty to do something -- god has given me so much. it was my duty to do something for my country. you will have to decide, do you want to go on like this or do you want to make a new pakistan? >> doctors said he fractured his skull and injured his spine. forced bedrest means he will not be able to vote in his constituency in the upcomin
May 8, 2013 2:30pm PDT
. he is one of the most prominent candidates in the election. it has been marred by violence with over 100 killed, mostly by the taliban. >> heading towards a landmark election, crucial for pakistan and stability in the region. the campaign has been overshadowed by horrific violence. weary of poverty and corruption, many here are desperate for change. the man tipped to be prime minister for the third time. of ae is now confident comeback now 13 years after he was jailed and exiled. he even promised to turn pakistan into an asian tiger. faithful.essing the his message is he is an experienced leader who can provide a strong government for pakistan. so he is a front runner, he is campaigning hard to polling day. he has four more rallies like this one in the next two hours. there are concerns about not sure res. he is accused of being soft on extremist cretan concerns about -- there are concerns. will you take pakistan out of the war on terror? >> we have to puree good >> are you going to stop military operations against the taliban quaeda.l his main rival is down but not out after being i
May 8, 2013 2:30pm PDT
regulates. when an elected official asks someone to make a donation to a certain non-profit or government agency and the person bho has been solicited makes a donation of $5,000 or more, the elected official has to file a form 803. essentially saying, i asked someone done or s to give money to this non-profit or to the city department and done or s gave this. that report is filed with the elected officials department and then transmitted to the ethics commission which i believe has those on its website. >> so the other one, that goes to the state. why we don't have the questions i understand that happened. >> yes, the 801 is filed with the f pbc, the 803 is filed with the department and with the ethics commission. >> okay. thank you. you had filed the 80 1 with the f pc 3? >> no. with we filed the 803. we followed the process that is required. >> is it in your opinion mr. give ner that 801 is required or not? >> our advice in situation like this where a department receives a benefit and it goes to the head office, that the department should file an 801 indicating that that individual rece
May 1, 2013 7:00am EDT
news an alternative method to debate the winner of the recent election. an alternative method. last month, a huge explosion at a fertilizer plant in texas killed 15 people and turned parts of the town of west into rubble. people will have lived in the worst hit areas are starting to return to see what is. to come of their is this report. what is to come of their homes. >> the plant initially caught fire and then soon afterwards it blew up with such force that it registered a magnitude 2.1 earthquake. 14 people died. 200 were injured and the town was devastated. the blast badly damaged buildings, including a nursing home and a school. now some families in the worst hit areas of west are coming home to survey the damage.. >> look at the ceiling. >> in the house was in the area closest to the blast site. her home has largely been reduced to rubble, a testament to how powerful the explosion was. >> this was our living room. and this is where we had a lot of fun. >> more painful than the destroyed property, the family is mourning the loss of relative calm a volunteer firefighter died fig
May 7, 2013 11:00pm PDT
to be cheap. early voting in the special election has begun. the ballot has just one reyes with six candidates and one write in. total cost of the election, 600,000 to a million dollars. what's more, only a third of registered voters will actually cast a ballot, which means every vote will cost the county about 14 to $24 a piece. >> dem demom si, you know, does cost money. all you can do is hope that people go out and -- and vote. >> santa clara county board of supervisors voted unanimously to replace shirakawa with a special election. board president ken yager says they could have appointed someone but says an expensive election was the lesser of two eefls. >> we had to do one or the other, and i always fall on the side of let tg people decide in having an election and having democracy decide who's going to represent people in any elected position. >> voters we talked to in district 2 were split. >> would you have rather seen that money spent on other things. >> definitely. definitely. i have friends that are teachers that are geth laid off. i have a client of mine that's a teacher, and they'
May 5, 2013 8:30am PDT
first term on capitol hill. >> and trying to keep an eye on the re-election bid attempt we talk about the highs and lows of public service in washington with rookie congressman eric swallow. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, of the california delegatio making >>> nine minutes before 9:00 and one of the nie bay area members of the congressional delegation from california is making a name for himself and in washington, d.c. >> that's right, the rookie from the east bay is rolling along. first of all, he has to get himself acquainted with washington and then he's got to get himself re-elected. already, people are talking about running against him. that is why we sat down with mayor willie brown and eric swalwell. the first question to the rookie congressman. okay, you got elected. the first thing you have to do is start working on getting re- elected? what is that like? >> nationally, they don't know your name until you're re- elected. your first re-election is the hardest. i'm mindful of it. i know a re-election is around the corner, especially in the top two primary system in california. >> the ide
May 2, 2013 7:00am PDT
needs to tell their elected officials. they need to call their members of congress and tell them to get on board on this king/thompson proposal to make sure that we pass the law that requires background checks for people who buy guns at gun shows, over the internet, or through other advertised sales. it's good public policy. it saves lives. the american people deserve a vote on this. >> i'm sure you heard what pat toomey said. he told a local newspaper that there were people on his side who didn't want to be perceived as helping the president with something he wanted to accomplish. is he right? if so, how do you fight against that? >> well, i've heard similar. i've had folks on the proverbial other side of the aisle tell me that they're for background checks, they just don't want their name out in front. >> they've actually said that to you? >> absolutely. >> and does that host of reasons include not wanting to give the birth da president a victory? >> for a whole host of reasons. i've also heard from republican colleagues who have told me that although the poll number in their district
May 7, 2013 1:00am PDT
. more on that coming up this hour. plus, a congressional election tomorrow. we have got more on that as well. but in today's news, in today's sort of freakish news day, news that all seemed normal on the surface, but turns out none of it was, today the most visually compelling news story in the country was this. >> hey, look. >> hey, look. it is the 3-d printer gun guys again. this is their latest publicity stunt. they now have done a bunch of videos like this now. with each one they get more and more coverage. and they're set up like classic publicity stunts. the guys behind the whole effort to get attention to the idea of home manufacturing guns using 3-d printers, they're becoming one of the news business is known as unavoidable for comment, which means they're very good at getting the media to tell their story the way they want their story told. their story is pretty simple to tell at base level. the reason this guy is firing such a funny looking gun, a silly looking gun, is because the gun is made of plastic. it is made of the kind of polymer material that a 3-d printer
May 1, 2013 5:30am PDT
is on the rise. anger lingers after a disputed election in venezuela. the foreign minister of bangladesh said the owners of a building that collapsed a week ago will face the full force of the law. more than 40 people are known to have died -- more than 400 people are known to have died. may day takes on a special significance following the disaster. um want the death penalty for the owner of the factory, who remains under arrest. >> it is difficult to live with the wages they give us. we demand full compensation. >> we spoke to the foreign minister. she said the work -government- is looking to address a cultural of impunity. for many prevailed decades. many people including owners of buildings and owners of factories, they feel they did not need to comply with the loss and the standards -- the laws and the standards and the building codes. we have taken a stern action with people not complying with law. we have been working with the stakeholders in improving the conditions. >> the owner of the building that collapsed is politically connected. he has been able to get away with many things. co
May 5, 2013 2:30pm PDT
party will be watched with interest, internationally, leading up to the general election of germany. >> malaysia's governing coalition has returned office after the parliamentary polls, the election commission says that they have a simple majority and that means that the 56 year unbroken rule will continue najibprime minister razak despite a strong showing by the opposition led by anwar ibrahim. voter turnout hit a record high, with 80%. early leaguein the games on sunday, goals from jonathan schmidt made victorys -- and they are in the relegation zone with two matches left. also trying to claw into next season's league are hamburg, who drew 1-all and they headed home in the 43rd minute. they equalized in the second half. on saturday, munich warmed up for the champion's league fina l in the buendusleague and they gave away little of their plans but tempers flared between the european rivals. >> they may not have recognized the lineup but they started strong. the bian were fired up, and the scoring opened up in the 11 minutes. >> i scored 21 times before. this was a draw but we didn'
May 3, 2013 6:00am PDT
and we elected the delegates and we're proud to nouns that the high school will serve until the scc holds their elections in the fall. and we believe she will be ready for this position. along with the interim the student delegates will join us there were 7 candidates and nearly all schools have cast their ballots. we should know the results of election by the second week of may. and there will be several new members and we will introduce them at the may 14th meeting pr we're proud to announce we are happy to have students and teacher evaluations we're eager to work in the next school year. >> thank you. item e we have the parents advisory council report and i see our past representative. >> hello, i'm ms. martin and i'm actually going to start tonight and talk about membership too. we're in the recruiting time of year and there's 4 positions open for the pack next year. you don't need to be a fluent english speaker we try to have a board representation of folks and it's a good way to learn about any different parents prospective's that were if you're interested going to pa c as sf d c
May 6, 2013 11:00pm EDT
that was blown out of proportion and i have been an elected official for 30 years. i represent a large section of the hispanic community. as the first mexican-american elected to the board of supervisors and the first woman. i have seen the attitudes change with the community. at first there was a lot of pride that we were a diverse state. people took pride in that and then diversity started being not what it but criticized. then you saw repression coming down. 300,000 undocumented in our community. were born and then you saw the bill, and use of light from the community. we lost about 100,000 people. we lost small mom-and-pop of 10, probably tend, out the stores, probably seven went out of business. you started seeing people get very, very scared. because of the sheriff and the repressive nature of the legislation that went through. >> it is worth reminding people that this is the same state that did not want to enact the king holiday. i raise that because i regard dr. king as the greatest american this country has ever produced. lots of great americans, but i have an unapologetic low for dr.
May 5, 2013 10:30am EDT
that in the last presidential election cycle, this community, the latino community am a flexed its muscle like we have never seen before? the political muscle is growing, yet this economic downturn is sucking the lifeblood out of many families. >> i think you reconcile it by recognizing that as important as all of the information -- attention that came out of the pundits analysis of that anction, really, it was election about many other issues. in latino community said unprecedented numbers we are going to be interested, engaged on all sorts of issues, starting with economic policy, starting with workforce development him a starting with illuminating the -- darting with workforce development, starting with in the mandating the issues -- starting with workforce development, starting with eliminating the discrimination we have seen. immigrantact on community, the entire latino community. so much of stereotyping leads into how people make decisions, everyday decisions about -- leads into how people make into how -- bleeds people make decisions, everyday decisions. >> what is your sense -- i want to
May 6, 2013 7:00am EDT
everytime there is an election they say, "jobs, jobs, jobs." they are wasting so much time and there is no excuse for it. host: let me read a leittle bit more of what speaker boehner says -- your thoughts on that? talking from just the side of his mouth. everything they have done is to stop mr. obama. they have not done anything for the country. everything they do is to block whatever he is trying to do. nothing can succeed if they are always running against the wall. host: thank you for your call. we want to remind our listeners and the respect you too can didn't fault in the conversation -- our listeners and viewers that you too can get involved in the conversation. here are the numbers -- dustin is on the line from omaha, nebraska on our line for democrats. aller: i think peter is doing little bit of grandstanding. is doing aboehner little bit of grandstanding. host: you would say that while calling in on the republican line? caller: i am a republican, not a conservative. $100 is $10. big deal. what are the actual numbers? there is an organization that comes up with reco
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